Heavy Duty Tarpaulns

Heavy Duty Tarpaulins are commonly used as roofing tarps, market stall sheets, boat covers, garden party tarpaulins, industrial coverings and for general waterproof sheeting where a heavier duty tarp is required.

·Material: HDPE+LDPE
·Weight: 180GSM~300GSM
·Color: Green, White, Blue, Silver, Blue White, Blue Silver, Blue Orange, etc., any colors as the client’s requirements
·Mesh: 6*5,7*7,8*8,10*10,12*12,14*14,16*14…

heavy duty tarpaulin pe waterproof blue tarp cover 1
heavy duty tarpaulin waterproof green tarp sheet cover 200gsm
white tarpaulin 180gsm high density woven polyethylene tarp waterproof

·HEAVY-DUTY: High density woven upper layer for maximum flexibility and strength, Low density reinforced laminate backing for weather and water resistance
·THICK & STRONG: Stronger than standard canvas thanks to the multi-layered structure and cross the laminated membrane, yet still designed to be lightweight and easy to carry
·REINFORCED CORNERS: Rustproof aluminium eyelets every 50cm and on each corner, with poly rope sewn all around the hem for optimum stability and tear resistance
·ALL-WEATHER: Rot proof, waterproof, shrink-proof and equipped with UV stabilizers. Designed for all-weather resistance including sub-zero winter temperatures and blistering hot summers making it ideally suited to be used as a cover for your roof.
·VERSATILE & COMPACT: Ideal to cover trucks, bikes boats, etc. Also perfect for painting protection as drops will not seep through, or as a heavy-duty ground sheet for maximum damp protection. Folds down to a compact size for easy storage in small spaces or in backpacks


white tarpaulin 180gsm high density woven polyethylene tarp waterproof 2
tarpaulin cover

Factory & Packing:

tarpaulin factory
tarpaulin bale packing 1
tarpaulin carton packing

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