Insulated Tarp

Insulated tarp is a winter enclosure tarpaulins used in cold climate regions during general construction and industrial maintenance. These tarps are designed to insulate temperatures inside heated enclosures. Insulated Tarps are resistant to water, sunlight and mildew and are great for applications where controlled temperatures are required.

Material: Sandwich structure with PE Tarps + PE Foam
Weight: 4oz, 5oz,6oz, 7oz,8oz, 10oz
Thickness: 8mil, 10mil, 12mil, 14mil, 15mil
Mesh: 6×6 to 14×14

• Coated woven poly tarpaulin with closed-cell PE foam core
• 8×8 weave outer shell
• Closed-cell PE foam core (polyethylene)
• Foam thickness: 1/4″ or 3/16″
• Orange in color
• Edges are hemmed, double-stitched & reinforced with grommets
• Mildew resistant, weather-resistant
• UV treated

• Winter construction enclosure
• Scaffolding enclosure
• Temporary heat enclosure
• Concrete curing blanket
• Exterior restoration projects
• Temporary walls, covers, ground cover
• Industrial plants & refineries

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