Balcony Privacy Screen

Balcony Privacy Screen protects you from prying eyes, from wind and dust. It is manufactured of HDPE. The curtain is tightened around the balcony fence and fastened with a long rope. The rope should be pulled through the metal eyelets of the curtain and fastened at the framework.

Material: 100% new material (HDPE)
Size: 0.9m*5m or by requirements
Weight: 180gsm or by requirements
Type: Warp knitted
UV protection: Up to 90%

1)Includes quality soft white rope for attaching net.
2)Enjoy privacy while sun tanning or doing yoga!
3)HDPE polyethylene mesh lets the breeze flow through so you stay cool
4)Keep your outdoor life more private
5)High Quality White Rope
6)Studded with metal grommets, making it easy to hang

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Balcony Privacy Screen 1
Balcony Privacy Screen 2
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Private Residence: Balcony net can be widely used for sunshade in balcony and window curtain
Public areas: provide a temporary fencing for children’s playgroud,as a shade sail parking lots,swimming pools,beaches atc.

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