Pool Shade Sail

What is the best shade for over a pool area?
We have some great products to provide much-needed shade and give you the comfort you want so you can enjoy your outdoor area.

Installing a shade sail over a pool is aesthetically pleasing and a great answer to shade across a pool area. They provide permanent shade for the whole year and can cover a great area. The shape of the shade sail is something to consider. A triangular shape will provide less shade than a rectangular shade due to the very nature of the shape and the concave edges that are part of the design. However, a triangular shape may require fewer posts to be installed so maybe a more cost-effective solution.

pool shade sail

1) Includes the tension mounted steel D-rings which are double stitched into the corners
2) Each corner of the shade has metal hooks and it takes minutes to set
3) Effective harmful UV blocking
4) The fabric enables cool air to penetrate the shade sail, offering an airy, comfortable, and well-ventilated space.
5) Weight: 160gsm~360gsm; Shape: Triangle, Square, Rectangle

Color and size are as request. More detail information please contact us.

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pool shade sail 2


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pool shade sail 4

Factory & Packing:

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