Rectangle Shade Sail

Our rectangle sun shade sail is a superior tool to protect and block outdoor areas. This sunshade sail adds a wonderful effect to your patio, shed or other outdoor areas, and provides excellent sun protection against ultraviolet radiation.

·Easy to fold and store, do not occupy daily space, easy to transport.
·The heavy load material of the polyester fabric is used.
·Increase the shading area to increase the invisible area of the outdoor recreation area.
·Blocking more than 95% of ultraviolet rays.
·Breathable fabric, cooling effect, easy to clean and install.

Shape: Rectangle
Weight: 160gsm~360gsm, or customized.
Color: Beige, Red, Blue, Green or customized.
Material: 100% new material (HDPE )
Size: 2mx2m, 2mx3m, 3mx4m, 4mx5m, 5mx6m, 6ftx8ft, 8ftx10ft, 10ftx12ft, 12ftx16ft, 16ftx18ft,or customized.

Color and size are as request. More detail information please contact us.

shade sails detail 2
shade sails detail 4
red rectangle shade sail
rectangle shade sail



Factory & Packing:

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